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The Author


I've been going by the name Jerr ever since I

went to art college many, many years ago. It's a

made up name, hence the two 'R's, I like it, but so

far I've never found a fridge magnet that works

for me. 

I grew up in Ireland, and was lucky enough to

work on some old 2D films in Dublin when Don

Bluth opened a studio there.

The Land before Time and All dogs go

to HeavenI then discovered the world of video

games, moved to the UK and have been involved

in that for over 30 years. I've been fortunate enough

to work on some you might've heard of like

Tomb Raider, and lots you won't have!

I've been drawing since I was a nipper, but the

computer work meant I didn't pick up a pencil

for a long time. 

So when I started drawing again, first on paper, then

digitally, the next stage was to start another old passion

of mine, telling stories, and when this

idea came to me I knew there was no way it was

getting thrown in a box and forgotten about.  

So, Can you see dragons? came into being. 

I'm putting it out there, knowing there are lots and

lots of other books, millions of the things in fact,

to tempt mums 'n' dads away from my little story.

But I want to carry on with this adventure, starting

with an idea, and months later ending up with a

book in my hands. The plan is that this will be the first,

hopefully of many. I hope you like it!


Image of the author Jerr OCarroll

Pic courtesy of @MTF_photos

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